New Garden Meetinghouse by John Collins, 1869, Courtesy of Friends Historical Collection, Guilford College, Greensboro, NC.

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About the NC Friends Historical Society

Mission Statement

The purpose of the North Carolina Friends Historical Society is to collect, preserve, and publish valuable information relative to the history of the Society of Friends in North Carolina and adjacent territories and to work in harmony and cooperation with the Friends Historical Collection at Guilford College, the North Carolina Yearly Meeting Committee on the Care of Records and the North Carolina Yearly Meeting Publications Board.

About the Society

Founded in 1940, the North Carolina Friends Historical Society is open to everyone interested in Quaker history, particularly Quaker history in North Carolina.  Our members are historians (professionals and amateurs), genealogists, individuals with Quaker ancestors, authors, and people who are just interested in Quaker history. 

New members are always welcome. Membership benefits include a quarterly newsletter; the journal of the Friends Historical Association, Quaker History, published twice a year; and occasional special events, including an annual meeting, most often held on the first Saturday in November.  Featured speakers at recent annual meetings have been Eleanor and Hal Pugh from New Salem Pottery; Abigail Rogers, a Guilford College graduate; Damon Hickey, former Director of Libraries at The College of Wooster; and Mary Browning, local author and historian.

Board meetings are open to the public.  You are invited to "try us out" by attending a board meeting.  Please click here to learn of meeting dates and times.