William Penn Project

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The Greensboro News & Record’s John Newsom wrote about the William Penn Project in “The Syllabus” Feb. 14:

Since 2014, HPU’s history department (both faculty and students) and students at Penn-Griffin School for the Arts in High Point to document the history of William Penn, High Point’s high school for African American students. The school on East Washington Drive closed in 1968, but the building is now home to the Penn-Griffin school.

The written, oral and visual project is finally done, and it’s now online. You can check it out here.

High Point University history students have produced an online resource exploring the legacy of the William Penn School in High Point, a school for African-Americans that closed in 1968. The school’s origins were in Asheboro in 1891 with an “industrial and normal school” established by Quakers from New York.

The collection is at: www.williampennproject.org

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