Happy 100th Birthday to Florence White Allen

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The North Carolina Friends Historical Society wishes Florence White Allen, Director Emerita, a very happy 100th birthday. She served on our Board for many years and, upon her retirement, received the title Director Emerita.

Florence White Allen

Florence White was born on October 28, 1920, the only child of Ernest Jordan and Bertha Briggs White. As her mother was a member of Deep River Friends Meeting, she was born into the meeting and has been a member there continuously. At age five, she became an Associate Member of the meeting; her father also joined the meeting at that time.

Florence married James Daniel Allen (1916-1984) and they were the parents of three children, Barbara Allen Bell, Daniel White Allen, and Jonathan Stuart Allen (deceased 2012). She lived almost her entire life in the home in which she was born as her mother’s early death necessitated she and her husband returning there to care for her father. She would live there well into her nineties when she moved to Friends Homes at Guilford.

Her work consisted of working first in a law office which led to work as an Assistant Clerk to the Municipal Court in High Point. In 1958, she was appointed Clerk of the High Point Municipal Court, the first woman to hold the position, and a title she held until 1966 when the courts were re-organized into the NC General Court of Justice system. She then served as Assistant Clerk in charge of the High Point office under Guilford County Superior Court Clerk Joseph Shore until her retirement in 1970. Florence was active in Deep River Friends Meeting for literally decades and a room in the meetinghouse has been set aside to house the Florence White Allen Collection of historical records and memorabilia representing not only the Meeting but the Deep River community.

She was honored by the Memorial Association of Deep River Friends Meeting in 1997 for 50 years of service to this organization which maintains the Deep River Friends Cemetery. In 2015, she was honored with the Mary A. Browning Historic Preservation Award, which recognizes those who have contributed to the preservation of the history of Jamestown and the Deep River area. Indeed, she has given a lifetime of volunteer service to many worthy organizations.

Should you wish to honor Florence with a birthday card, please send these to Florence White Allen, Whittier Center, Friends Homes at Guilford, 925 New Garden Road, Greensboro, NC 27410.

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